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November 2017

L&S 1969 to 1986 || The Beginning of L&S Engineers

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Over the coming weeks, we will be exploring the real beginnings of L&S Engineers, make sure you're following to stay up to date with our latest posts!

Starting in 1969 Wyn Lees & Alan Shaw came together to form a Plant Spares & Engineering business. A conversation with a friend running a business fixing contractors machinery set the ball rolling for Wyn, who was working with plant spares and running the stores at Reliant Plant in Walsall Wood. He was joined by Alan who worked for Tube Investments at Aldridge Airport as a development engineer. Together they had the skills and knowledge they needed to create the business which would later be known as L&S!

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Christmas Gift Guide || 2017

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We have some amazing offers on for a limited time only as part of our Winter Tools promotion, we've picked out our favourite bits, and pieces we think would make great Christmas presents this year! (or to treat yourself, because if you cant do that at Christmas when can you)

1. If you're looking for a stocking filler that is sure to measure up, look no further then our Stanley 16ft Tape Measure, was £5.83 now £3.33!

2. Know someone that pushes their backpack to the limit, are the seams coming apart? This Roughneck Heavy Duty Back Pack should to the trick this Christmas. It has a 30kg carrying capacity, was £44.99 now £22.49!

3. We all know someone with 'that' draw, they have everything they need but it may take a while to find it. This Plastic Organiser kit is the solution. Just the right size for screws, needles, pins, thread, small attachments and more, was £23.33 now £12.49!

4. After a year of loosing socks in the wash and having no matching pairs, Christmas is the perfect time to add a pair of Boot Socks as a stocking filler, was £8.33 now £4.99!

5. Torches are always useful, but hard to keep to hand. This Lighthouse Pocket Torch solves that problem, and its the perfect size to fit in a stocking, was £10.83 now £7.49!

6. If you buying for a handy man/women this Christmas a Bacho Set of Adjustable Wrenches might be the way to go, was £49.99 now £24.99!

7. If you're looking to splash out on someone special this Christmas why not choose an Hitachi Combi Drill, a gift that will keep on giving for those handy men / women in your life, was £120 now £99.99!

8. For anyone working with wood (or looking to create Pinochio) this Faithful Carpenters Tool Set will be a welcome gift this Christmas, was £91.66 now £33.33!

9. The perfect companion to a new laptop ( or just a refresh ) This Stanley Laptop Bag delivers security, durability & comfort all in one, was £49.99 now £33.33!

10. This Stanley Bevel Edged Wood Chisel Set has been designed for tradesmen/women. All comes in a carry case making is a great present, was £24.99 now £16.66!