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August 2019

Paslode || 10 facts you may not know

By Alex Wise 2 years ago 806 Views No comments

Paslode are the market leader for nail guns, this comes after keeping their reputation over so many years as being the go to brand for the tools. This doesn't stop them though, Paslode continue to expand and grow their range of nail guns. At L&S we're proud to stock a wide range of genuine Paslode spare parts for their range of nail guns including; IM65 Lithium & NiCD, IM50 & the IM360Ci. Did you know we have a category for each of their most popular machines making it even easier to find the the parts you need!

Paslode has become a household brand within the UK (you may even own a Paslode nail gun within your own arsenal), but do you know much about the brand? As you may have seen from our previous posts on Yanmar, Stihl and other brands we think it's important to know about the brand behind the machine too! It's always interesting to know about the brand that fills your toolbox, it gives the tools a story of how they came to be. We have had a look into the history of Paslode to uncover these 10 facts you may not have known:

- Paslode first started out in 1935 when JW Leslie founded the company.

- The brand is an acronym of Packing, Shipping, Loading and Devices.

- Paslode were responsible for creating the first ever stapling hammer back in 1940. Innovation has always been one of the brands greatest assets.

- The brand specialises in roofing & carpentry, the range of nail guns create ease of use for any job you need speed and efficiency when handling nails.

- The stapling hammer in 1940 was not the only product they created first! They were also the first to develop the Pneumatic Nail Gun in 1959 along with the first cordless framing nailer, and the first cordless finish nailer in the years that followed.

- In 1986 Paslode were purchased by ITW (Illinois Tool Works), however the brand is still known as Paslode to this day.

- Paslode are one of the seven companies which make up the ITW North American residential businesses.

- In 1986, Paslode released their Impulse range of tools. This range was the world's first cordless gas powered framing nailer!

- The majority of Paslode products are produced in the USA, they have four manufacturing plants there. This reflects the fact Paslode continues to be the leading manufacturer of nail fastening systems and tools.

- Paslode joined up with French company SPIT in 2002, making them both part of ITW.

- In 2013 Paslode launched a range of Lithium powered gas tools, these have a temperature intelligent fuel injection system.

If you're looking for Paslode spares make sure you to visit our Paslode category on our website, we have a wide range of genuine parts available here!

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