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Back in History || Villiers Price List

By Laura Bateman 3 years ago 1839 Views No comments

Recently Wyn found this first edition Villiers retail price list in our archives dating all the way back to 1958! So we sat down and dived into the history of an iconic vintage engine brand. The first thing you may notice is the book is back from when pounds, shillings and pence were used. Just in case you wanted to know (or even if you don’t!), in old money pence was referred to as ‘d’ which comes from the Roman word ‘denarius’.

When looking through the book it’s easy to see that times have changed since 1958, especially the prices!

In 1958 you could buy a complete engine for just over £11, which would now be worth approximately £254.87! Are you blown away? Well during this time you could also buy a loaf of bread for 4p, six eggs for 8p and a house for just £2000!

Unbelievably spare parts for Villiers engines started at just 1 pence (‘d’), and carburettors started at just £2 - wouldn’t that be nice nowadays!

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