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How to || Store your Battery Properly

By Haliena Brown 2 years ago 178 Views No comments

With the colder months upon us it is well worth thinking about how you are going to be storing the batteries from your cordless machines. Proper handling and storage of a battery can ensure an extended life.

“How should I store my batteries”

● Before you store your machine it is important to wipe down the machine and battery with a slightly dampened cloth. This will remove the dirt that has built up while in use, this could prevent signs of wear occurring whilst stored.

● If you are planning on storing you cordless machine for any length of time it is important to remove the battery. This will prevent further damage being caused if the battery were to malfunction in any way.

● Make sure your battery is charged above 40%. For Lead Acid, and Nickel Based batteries the effects of storing without use remain the same at any charge level. However, if you are storing a Lithium-ion Battery it is important not to fully charge your battery before storing it. Doing so will lead to an elevated loss of “self-discharge"

● When storing you battery you should try and avoid moist / damp areas or areas that are in direct sunlight. The best way to protect from both of these is to store the battery in a cool dry closed box. Storing your battery in a hot / heated environment could reduce the life of your battery by 50%. The ideal temperature is between -10C to +50C.

Stihl have prepared a handy checklist that you can print out and keep in your work area:

“My machine has an integrated battery, how do I store this”

If you have a machine with an integrated battery you do not have to remove this. However, you should still follow the steps above but for the complete machine.

Two extra steps to take into account with integrated batteries are:

● You should make sure to switch off the device and completely remove the activation key. This will avoid the device running itself down whilst stored. Also, this could prevent any accidents.

● Remember to store the activation key separately from the cordless power tool.

Top tip!

When you are ready to use your machine after it has been in storage charge the battery / tool for a short period of time. This will help preserve battery life and extend the service life of your cordless tool.

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