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Holden the Quality Engine Specialists.

By Laura Bateman 3 years ago 764 Views No comments

Wyn has been digging through his old green filing cabinet again, where he came across this old Holden (Leicester) Limited leaflet. The registration plate on the van in the image below is a ‘G’ registration, which dates back to around 1989/ 1990 - making this leaflet up to 30 years old!

Holden Limited was the Midlands leading supplier of small petrol and diesel industrial engines and genuine replacement parts. As you can see on the leaflet below, there are also some logos on the leaflet that are still popular engine brands now. These brands include: Lister Petter, Briggs & Stratton, Villiers, Kubota and Robin. Did you know we still sell vintage spare parts for some of these, including Lister Petter and Villiers?

Our full range of vintage engine parts can be found here: https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/lister-petter-villiers-engine-spare-parts.html

As always Wyn is on the lookout for new old stock for Vintage engine spares, so make sure you contact us if you have any laying around!

A Trip Back in Time || Old Warehouse

By Haliena Brown 4 years ago 1738 Views No comments

This week I had the opportunity of visiting our old stores, a short walk over the road which led to a trip back in time. As soon as you walk in you are transported back to a growing business suspended in time from a move that happened overnight. The desks still standing with old files, catalogues and photos stuck in a time warp from years ago. It would be easy to find yourself lost amongst forgotten items, old memories housed inside a building. When you walk around you can still feel the once buzzing atmosphere that would have filled the rooms, everyone would have been running around to fulfil the growing orders and demands of a business from it's humble beginnings.

The Stables Housing Horse Power || J.A.P Engines

By L&S Engineers 4 years ago 1904 Views No comments

J. A Prestwich Industries (JAP), was an English manufacturing company founded in 1895. Alongside Villiers and Lister Petter they were a landmark in British Engineering . They began manufacturing aircraft, motorcar, and stationary engines. JAP engines can still be seen around the country at vintage rallies, with people still staying loyal to them building up there own vintage engine collection. This week we have an article from J.A Prestwich Industries LTD themselves. The article below is taken from J.A.P's handbook. In it's prime the J.A.P works was described as "the stables housing horse power, with quality and efficiency" an apt name for a company that continued to manufacture through two world wars!

If you're interested in seeing the whole booklet just let us know! Did you know we sell JAP some vintage industrial engine spares? Why not check it out, you may find something you need in our Vintage Engine Spares section.

​Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow || The Beginning

By L&S Engineers 4 years ago 3119 Views No comments

We're going all the way back to Little Aston Road in Aldridge, which if you've been following our journey is one of the first buildings the business was created from whilst Alan & Wyn were still working part time. When we first posted our story of the years spent in the 'hole in the wall' we had a few messages about memories from Little Aston Road. These sparked Wyn's memory, so we've got another story for you, the real beginnings of the company you could say, going all the way back to the 1950's.

'I Use Villiers Engines On My Farm' || Vintage Booklet

By L&S Engineers 4 years ago 1515 Views No comments

7 Mar 2018 09:02:41

This week we have a vintage Villiers booklet, from the Villiers Engineering Co. on Martson Road Wolverhampton. To quote the book 'in the following pages are described some of the models in the Villiers range used largely for agricultural and dairy purposes.' As you may have seen from our previous blog Villiers had and still does have a big influence on the business! So we thought we'd share a few of the engines specifications by Villiers themselves. Make sure to check our our range of Vintage Engine Spares! We have Villiers, Jap & Lister Petter!

If you want to see more of our archives please do comment down below! We have alot of more interesting finds instore so make sure you're following us on social media to keep up to date with all the latest stories!

If you're interested in seeing the whole booklet drop us a comment and we will upload it to our document centre.

1949 Ford Pick Up Trucks and Vintage Operator Handbooks || Great Wyrley

By Wyn Lees 4 years ago 3101 Views No comments

As the business grew there was a growing need to keep expanding the functionality. With each new destination came a new way to provide customers with what they needed. As you can see by our website the product range that we stock is constantly growing (with over 100,000 products/parts available). This all grew from Alan + Wyn's determination to never say no to a customer. If we don't stock it we will try to source it for you!

Lister Marine Engines That Powered Through the Waters || Auxiliary Engines

By L&S Engineers 4 years ago 3051 Views No comments

As you may know at the beginning of our journey L&S manufactured parts for Petter engines. We also had connections to, at that time a separate company, Lister Engines. Lister Engines are known worldwide, the company started in 1889 manufacturing cream separators, sheep shearing machinery, milk churns & barrels for butter! (A bit different to the powerful diesel engines they would go on to make)

Lister was known for manufacturing engines for the marine industry. Their diesel auxiliary engines were a popular choice among many at the time, and after combining Lister Petter have continued to be a popular choice of engine to this day.Below you can see two original Lister documents we found in our archives this week! They detail the engines that were used back in 1973.

We are back next week with a story about exactly what L&S used to manufacture, and who helped us on our way! If there is anything you want to see or any part of the business you want to know more about please do drop us a message.